New Collection: 3 Pro Bushing Sets (Normal, Soft, Super Soft)

Our brandnew Ultimate Collection:
All Variations included: Pro Bushings & Pivot Cups Sets.  

FlashBone Pro Bushings include: 
3 Sets of Bushings (Normal, Soft, Super Soft) and 6 Sets of Pivot Cups (normal and small) and a Stickersheet. 
Hardness: All Variations included: Normal, Soft, Super Soft, 
Precision: Mold tolerance is +-0.05 accuracy. 
(In general, a typical tolerance for injection molding is +/-0.1mm) 
FlashBone Stickersheet included.

FlashBone Pro Bushings are extraordinarily durable and compatible with all professional fingerboard trucks. The pivot cups are compatible with Dynamic Trucks, Vortex and others, but may not fit all trucks. The smaller Pivot Cups are for any Trucks which use smaller Pivot Cups holes like China Trucks, Tech-Deck Trucks and others. Incl. free FlashBone Stickersheet. 

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